Unlike other record cleaning companies, we don't use DIY or cheap eBay products. We use almost AUD$15,000 worth of flagship equipment to clean your records as best as they physically can be. To our knowledge, there is nobody else in Australia offering this level of cleaning prowess. If our cleaners can't clean your records, nothing can! For our two-step cleaning process we use the Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic RCM and the KLAudio KD-CLN-LP200 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine. The KLAudio machine is a commercial-grade cleaner, designed specifically for one purpose - to provide a safe but effective cavitation method for cleaning records. The Clearaudio machine is used by only the best and most dedicated record stores around the world. It regulates the application of cleaning fluids and removes excessive static build-up.

A video of our process, (using the older ProJect VC-S RCM), can be watched below:-