Hi guys. I've absorbed some unfortunate price rises in the materials I use in my cleaning process for some time now, but I regret that as of May 1, there will be some small, but necessary price rises coming. Originally the plan was to increase the pricing structure on January 1, but I pushed it back as long as I could. Any records cleaned before then will stay at the current price. The website will reflect these changes on May 1.

I wish to take this opportunity to say many thanks for all your support so far!


Been cleaning some MoFi pressings for a client today. Well looked after and in excellent condition. However, even records produced by such companies require and will benefit from a deep clean. 
In the photo below, the cleaning strip on the right shows coloration (as in DIRT) after only one clean through the ProJect VC-S RCM. Strip on left has just been applied. Just think that this dirt ends up on your expensive stylus and ingrained into the grooves!
At Perth Vinyl we are devoted to getting your records as clean as possible. The brush strips are replaced every 20 records.

Before and After

Before and After