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We hope you find this website informative and of use to you. This service was launched originally out of a personal desire to ensure my record collection was as clean as possible, allowing me to fully realize the potential this great format has to offer. Having started with a microfibre cloth and some spectacle fluid, moving up to the famous Knosti Anti-Stat, various fluids and cleaners, then finally the big guns - the ProJect VC-S RCM and more recently, the KLAudio LP200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, I finally believe my collection has reached the pinnacle of it's sonic ability. Only the hi-fi system it is now played on is the weakest link!

Having looked at the market and seeing so few options for professional record cleaning services, I decided to start one! Those that do, offer a one-step only process. I offer the best of both worlds - a RCM scrub and an ultrasonic bath, complete with new inner and outer sleeves. It takes about 4-5 minutes to clean a record using the RCM, followed by a further 8 minutes in a wash/dry cycle on the ultrasonic cleaner - we clearly take our time with your precious records!

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us via our online form