We will be adding some isolation products to our online store in the coming days. The “Taichi Base” and “Mini Taichi” are a non-magnetic stainless steel design, using a Super Grade 5 ceramic ball, allowing the smallest point of contact with the equipment and the surface they are used on. The Base model allows for weights up to 120kg (per set of 4) and is ideal for source components, amplifiers - even speakers! While the Mini model is suitable for lighter equipment (18kg per set of 4). Pricing will be confirmed shortly.



Hi guys. I've absorbed some unfortunate price rises in the materials I use in my cleaning process for some time now, but I regret that as of May 1, there will be some small, but necessary price rises coming. Originally the plan was to increase the pricing structure on January 1, but I pushed it back as long as I could. Any records cleaned before then will stay at the current price. The website will reflect these changes on May 1.

I wish to take this opportunity to say many thanks for all your support so far!


Some of you may be aware of Devialet - the French electronics company pioneering stereo amplification design combined with beautiful aesthetics. This expertise has led them on an ambitious project to bring back to life exceptional recordings on the verge of extinction. Devialet teamed up with record label Fondamenta and developed a restoration process called "Phoenix Mastering", allowing for the precise recovery of analog recordings, using the Devialet Expert Pro system.
The result? A unique collection of stunning releases pressed in one of the world's best factories. Only 900 copies of each release have been released, I have been fortunate to acquire four of these releases:-
Dave Brubeck Quartet ‎– Live At The Kurhaus 1967
Oscar Peterson Trio ‎– Live At The Concertgebouw 1961
Sarah Vaughan ‎– Live At Laren Jazz Festival 1975
Bill Evans Trio ‎– Live At Hilversum 1968



We had the chance to put one of the premium record flattening machines, the ORB DF-01i,  through it paces last weekend, and the results are pretty darn impressive!
Having recently received a brand-new, sealed record from eBay's "importcds" (their service is terrible by the way - good luck getting replacements or even an email acknowledgement!), I decided this would be an excellent guinea pig for the task. The process takes four hours - two hours heating followed by two hours cooling (sometimes additional time may be required depending on how bad the record is).
Have a look at the video for a before and after. And no, the actual grooves are not damaged throughout the process, however my process is to clean both BEFORE and AFTER the flattening process. We hope to add this service in the coming months.


Should you clean brand new records?

In a word, yes!
All new pressings contain a susbtance known as stearic acid - a mould (mold) release chemical that is part of the raw vinyl formulation, designed to ensure your newly pressed, hot record separates cleanly (and by "clean" we mean with no physical defects) from the metal stamper. Removing this layer (it's not something you can see) should result in a noticeable improvement in macro detail, separation, and a more lively presentation, and of course limiting the effect of stylus wear on your expensive cartridge and needle.
At the very least, a basic clean using something like the Knosti or Spin Clean kits, in combination with the right fluids, should help in removing this.




Been cleaning some MoFi pressings for a client today. Well looked after and in excellent condition. However, even records produced by such companies require and will benefit from a deep clean. 
In the photo below, the cleaning strip on the right shows coloration (as in DIRT) after only one clean through the ProJect VC-S RCM. Strip on left has just been applied. Just think that this dirt ends up on your expensive stylus and ingrained into the grooves!
At Perth Vinyl we are devoted to getting your records as clean as possible. The brush strips are replaced every 20 records.

Before and After

Before and After

The ONLY cleaner you'll ever need (after your PERTH VINYL clean!)

With proper, diligent care and maintenance, your records should only ever require one professional ultrasonic clean. From this point on, let me recommend probably the only other cleaning tool you would ever need - a carbon fibre record cleaning brush. Not just any other brush, but Audioquest's new Anti-Static Record Brush. Most brushes don't have a good electrical path between the fibres and the handle, and that the print-protecting coating on the metal handle prevents a proper electrical connection to the user’s hand. The user is the “ground” for static electricity, so having a good electrical contact from fibres-to-hand is a big deal! This is where Audioquest get it right and so many others get it wrong.

The Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush are available through your local specialized hi-fi dealers, priced around AUD$49.


Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush

Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush

MoFi Inner Sleeves - Be kind to your records!

All the record cleaning and care is a waste of time if you don't store your precious vinyl properly and in an uncontaminated sleeve! There are some great anti-static, scratch-proof sleeves available, but it's hard to go past the MoFi Electronics Original Master Record Sleeves. Every record professionally cleaned by us is put in a brand-new MoFi inner sleeve (along with a Blake outer for the cover).

MoFi Anti-Static Inner Sleeves

MoFi Anti-Static Inner Sleeves


Welcome to !
We hope you find this website informative and of use to you. This service was launched originally out of a personal desire to ensure my record collection was as clean as possible, allowing me to fully realize the potential this great format has to offer. Having started with a microfibre cloth and some spectacle fluid, moving up to the famous Knosti Anti-Stat, various fluids and cleaners, then finally the big guns - the ProJect VC-S RCM and more recently, the KLAudio LP200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, I finally believe my collection has reached the pinnacle of it's sonic ability. Only the hi-fi system it is now played on is the weakest link!

Having looked at the market and seeing so few options for professional record cleaning services, I decided to start one! Those that do, offer a one-step only process. I offer the best of both worlds - a RCM scrub and an ultrasonic bath, complete with new inner and outer sleeves. It takes about 4-5 minutes to clean a record using the RCM, followed by a further 8 minutes in a wash/dry cycle on the ultrasonic cleaner - we clearly take our time with your precious records!

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us via our online form